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Intellectual property, also known as the "right of knowledge ownership", refers to "the owner of the intellectual labor created results and business activities in the mark, reputation legally enjoy the exclusive rights", generally only in a limited period of time.

  Certification New and high technology enterprises shall pay income tax at the rate of 15% and enjoy preferential policies for additional deduction of r&d expenses and support policies for accelerated depreciation of fixed assets.
Enjoy the venture capital investment tax preferential policy, enjoy the capital reserve to share in 5 years to pay individual income tax policy, enjoy the local financial subsidy policy.
It is easier for high and new technology enterprises to obtain scientific research fund support at national, provincial and municipal levels.
Requirements for enterprise bidding and tendering.
Attract venture capital financial institutions to participate.

Patent filing
  • Invention patent application
  • Utility model application
  • Application for design
  • PCT application
  • Recovery of patent right
  • Response to review comments
  • Invalid patent defense
  • Invalidation of patent
  • Review of patent application
Patent transfer

The platform is combined with many universities in the power industry to solve the problem of difficult transformation of the achievements of scientific research institutes in universities

Major cooperative units
Patent evaluation
  • Pledge loan
  • Joint venture cooperation
  • For the transfer
  • shareholding
  • Brand publicity
  • Permission to use
Patent financing

1). Revitalize intangible assets to maximize the value of intangible assets
2). We will promote the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements
3). Legitimate savings in corporate income tax
4). Technology investment, increase capital to become a shareholder, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

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