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Focus on power industry

Let the power interconnection go to the whole country and the world. As the leading power industry resource sharing service platform in China, Dongdian cloud platform has built a platform ecosystem service system based on big data, relying on the massive data accumulated in power industry service transactions for many years.

Dongdian cloud platform provides all-round cycle services for more than 100000 power enterprises. Promote the deep integration of digital economy and real economy. For the product supply and demand of electric power enterprises, a bilateral service trading market is set up. Under the mode of "online platform + offline summit", through big data, the efficient connection between supply and demand of enterprises and the accurate matching of products are realized.

Dongdian cloud platform provides all-round one-stop services for the power industry, such as bidding information big data, enterprise authorization service, bid preparation, qualification review, certification testing, finance, etc. In order to get through enterprise cooperation and share information resources, Dongdian cloud platform provides power conference and exhibition, holds regional power industry summit, and integrates industry advantage resources.And set up Dongdian cloud college, online + offline characteristic teaching, systematically improve the professional ability of power industry personnel and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

The Dongdian cloud mall built by Dongdian cloud platform is a B2B website perpendicular to the power industry. It is a one-stop online mall integrating information sharing, talent resource sharing, industry integration and upgrading, and commodity supply and demand. At the same time, it has a strong Internet development system, which provides enterprise publicity and image packaging for power enterprises, opens the mobile internet marketing market for enterprises, and facilitates enterprise publicity, interaction and marketing. Dongdian cloud platform and Northeast Electric Power University are the core bases of high-tech technology R & D and manufacturing, incubating the space field of power IOT and promoting the construction of ubiquitous power IOT.

At present, the company's business involves 34 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China. It provides precise and efficient personalized services and targeted empowerment for enterprises, helps enterprises to move towards the development path of industrial chain centralization, platform intensification, application institutionalization, operation simplification and energy conservation and environmental protection, and helps enterprises to easily and quickly realize the "Internet +" growth. Provide industrial Internet + Solutions for traditional power industry. We will comprehensively optimize and upgrade regional industries and contribute to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

Through the professional services of the platform, the enterprise promotes its own brand innovation, scientific and technological innovation, business model innovation, and integrates them into the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise economy, driving the city to develop and expand new economic momentum, not only meeting the deep service needs of the enterprise market, but also realizing the unification of the business value and social value of the platform itself.

Dongdian cloud platform adheres to the original intention of entrepreneurship, takes "big data + sharing platform" as the layout, closely around the ubiquitous power Internet of things, and gradually expands to the fields of artificial intelligence, big data, 5g, Internet of things, power ecological service, etc., serving for power enterprises and industrial transformation and upgrading.

Focusing on innovation, interconnection and global sharing in the power industry is the development mission of the times, and also the mission of the East power cloud platform.

Our team

Dongdian cloud platform takes the power grid supplier to expand the marketing channels as its own duty, provides the most high-quality, convenient and all-round intimate service for the majority of enterprises, wins your satisfaction with outstanding professional ability and skilled working skills, and strives to become your most trusted business partner and grow together with you!

Development history

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